Background of St Augustine

St Augustine BuildingEarly Beginnings 1999

St Augustine began as a College for postgraduate studies in Johannesburg, focusing on Philosophy, Education and Theology.  The intention of the earliest postgraduate courses was to give people who had some graduate studies the opportunity to do postgraduate studies in Education, Philosophy and Theology, even when they did not have an undergraduate degree in any of these areas of specialisation.  These Masters degrees were all MPhil degrees in Education, Theology and Philosophy.  In 2009, the first undergraduate degrees in Theology and Commerce were launched.  In 2010 a Bachelor of Arts was added to the degrees offered.   The aim of these courses and the postgraduate studies was to offer excellence in education in South Africa, by giving students the individual academic support they needed in order to realise their full potential.

Part of an international body

International Federation of Catholic UniversitiesSt Augustine is one of the over 190 universities which form part of the International Federation of Catholic Universities.  On a regular basis, members from these different universities come to St Augustine to monitor the progress and standards of the College and our membership of this federation is only renewed if we meet their requirements of academic excellence.

The Catholic roots of St Augustine

St Augustine was started by a group of academics and business people with a vision for academic excellence in South Africa which would address the particular needs of the country.  While St Augustine is rooted in a Catholic tradition of academic enquiry, the College welcomes staff and students from all religious and cultural backgrounds.