Department of Education

The educational legacy of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition has left a deep and lasting impact on the South African landscape.  It played a significant role in putting together the initial framework for formal education in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It subsequently provided a significant context for the formation of leaders in the anti-apartheid movement, and was a site of resistance against the unjust educational policies of the period.  It continues to this day in how it continues to shape future leaders in contexts that are socially and economically challenged.

The Master of Philosophy in Culture and Education draws significantly from this tradition.  The Specialty in Educational Leadership is aimed at enabling professional leaders and other qualified people in various fields, especially education,  to contribute to understandings of the changes in society and the demands of complex and contradictory trends and issues of what South Africa is and who people think they are in South African cultural formations of a modern democratic society.  The transformation of society is possible through the growth of the individual, the building of community and the revitalising of culture.  Culture is about the process of being and becoming a social being, about the rules of society and the ways in which these are enacted, experienced, and transmitted through the immediate kin group through schools, health care systems, political systems, and both traditional and new social media.

The basis of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition serves the broader postcolonial education contexts of private and public education equally well.  It is not sectarian, but is based upon an integrated view of the human person, rooted in this tradition and philosophy of education, while at the same time seeking to be involved in a range of dialogues with other perspectives and traditions.  Over the years, the programme has evolved to keep pace in developments in the field of educational leadership and to prepare future leaders to meet the critical need of leadership and direction in the educational sector.


HOD  / Associate Professor (Full-Time): Education

Part Time Lecturer

BSc, HEd, BEd (UNISA) / MPhil in Culture & Education (St Augustine College) 

My work experience includes 25 years teaching Mathematics and Computer