Dr Julia Giddy

Part Time Lecturer in Geography

B.Sc. (University of Michigan); B.Sc.(Hons) / M.Sc. / Ph.D. (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Originally from New York City, Julia Giddy pursued an undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan, with majors in geological sciences and modern European history. After graduating in 2010, she moved to Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where she worked as an education intern at the Bayworld museum. Julia then decided to continue her studies at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, obtaining a B.Sc. Honours degree in Geographic Information Systems in 2012, and a M.Sc. in Environmental Geography in 2014. Her M.Sc. thesis, entitled Human-Environment Interaction in Nature-based Adventure Tourism, was well-received, winning both local and international awards, and she therefore continued with this theme in her Ph.D. She completed her Ph.D., graduating in April 2016, at which point she began a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Johannesburg. Her current research focuses on the interplay between extreme weather, climate change and the tourism industry in Southern Africa.


B.Sc. (Earth Sciences, History from University of Michigan); B.Sc. Honours (GIS, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University); M.Sc. (Environmental Geography, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University); Ph.D. (Geography, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)


Journal Articles:

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Book Chapters:

Giddy, J.K. (2015). The Influence of Human-Environment Interaction on Adventure Tourism. In M. Kozak and N. Kozak (Eds.), Tourism Development (pp 97-106). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Conference Papers:

Giddy, J.K. (2017). “Does this look like a slum?” Walking tours in the Johannesburg inner city. (Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, 5 April – 9 April) Boston, U.S.A.

Giddy, J.K. (2016). American Tourists’ Perceptions of Weather in South Africa. (Society for South African Geographers (SAAG) Centennial Conference at Stellenbosch University, 25-29 September) Stellenbosch, South Africa.

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Giddy. J.K. (2013). Environmental Values, Behaviors and Perceptions of Impact among Nature-based Adventure Tourism Employees in the Tsitsikamma, Eastern Cape. (Paper delivered at the Tourism Educators South Africa (TESA) Conference at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University 1-2 October 2013) Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Giddy, J.K. (2013). The Role of the Environment in Nature-based Adventure Tourism Motivations. (Paper delivered at the Society for South African Geographers (SAAG) Conference at the University of the Free State 25-28 September 2013) Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Other Scholarly Contributions: 
  • a member of the Society of South African Geographers and the American Association of Geographers
  • attendatnca of several local and international conferences
  • guest lectures and seminars