Bachelor of Arts

Subjects offered in the Bachelor of Arts degree at St Augustine include: Communication/Cultural Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Law, Literature in English, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Religious Studies and Zulu. In addition, the degree includes a number of short, compulsory, modules.

Obviously suited to future careers in education, politics and government, media and communication, law and business, the interdisciplinary nature of our BA degree prepares graduates more generally for the ‘world of work’. The programme incorporates classical elements in the study of the humanities. Evidence consistently demonstrates that influential leaders in all sectors of society - government, business, legal, medical, educational and others - have a solid intellectual grounding in the liberal arts, especially the humanities. We put an emphasis on developing our students' ability to think independently and critically. This is why our graduates are poised to succeed in the South African and global contexts alike.

What makes our BA degree unique?

Firstly, it centres on the African context in the exploration of the liberal arts disciplines. Graduates will possess the cultural fluency necessary to function in and lead the multicultural society that is not only South Africa’s hallmark, but also the global context.

Secondly, it aims at fostering an ethically-based leadership abilities centred on human dignity and the common good - principles which are urgently needed in all sectors of our society.

Thirdly, our students develop essential skills in interdisciplinary critical thinking and problem solving, which are highly prized in the marketplace.

This programme is intended for students who have already completed their matriculation exam (or its equivalent NQF Level 4) or received the matriculation exemption. The course runs over three year’s full-time study, earning the learner a BA (NQF Level 7) when all the modules are successfully completed. The successful learner is ready to enter further study, or the world of work in a variety of fields.

Download the official Bachleor of Arts Degree Brochure here



St Augustine College of South Africa has introduced both BA and BTh undergraduate education programmes in 2016. These are special in that they are grounded in the ethos of St Augustine as an institution that is committed to the highest quality intellectual training and to the formation of individual students as ethically responsible, imaginative and creative members of society. Read more here.