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From the desk of the President & CEO of St Augustine College

Greetings from St Augustine.

Our academic year is drawing to its end; our undergraduate students are writing their final examinations.  Our prayer is that, sufficient effort having been invested, all will give of their best.

In the meanwhile, applications for admission into the first year of study for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees are increasing nicely.

For those matriculants who have not yet made up their mind about what or where to study in 2017, I urge the reader of this message to encourage the undecided seriously to consider the values-based, liberal arts education offered at St Augustine. Through reading, writing, speaking, listening, and reasoning, a liberal arts education aims – unashamedly – at the cultivation of the mind, in, of, and for, itself; it encourages students to investigate and contemplate that which is fundamental to our existence: God, humanity and nature.  The investigation and contemplation is not confined to a single discipline, rather, it is interdisciplinary (theology, economics, geography, history, law, literature, mathematics, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, sociology) and relies on the insight of those in the past and present.  Ideally, a liberal arts education enhances our humanity, it fosters our appreciation of, and quest for, the good and the beautiful; it encourages us always to strive to be ‘our better self’.

I use this opportunity also to congratulate two persons associated with St Augustine:

  • Dr David KIRCHHOFFER, who completed his MPhil (Theology) at St Augustine, and who is now a lecturer in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy of the McAuley Campus of the Australian Catholic University, has been appointed by the Vatican to represent the Catholic Church and its teaching on the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches.  We extent to David our sincere congratulations.
  • In recognition of his research, publication and teaching, and the overall contribution that he makes to the life of St Augustine, Dr Jakub URBANIAK, a senior lecturer in the Department of Theology has been promoted to the position of Associate Professor.  Well done Jakub.
President and CEO