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July Intake For Undergraduate Study

St Augustine will, with immediate effect, be introducing a July intake each year.

At this stage, the July intake will be limited to those wishing to register for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. 

A limited number of subjects will be on offer for the July intake:

  • Communication/Cultural Studies (CMCS102)
  • Geography (GEOG103)
  • History (HIST103)
  • Literature in English (LITR102)
  • Philosophy (PHIL104) - this is a COMPULSORY course
  • Political Science (POLS102)
  • Religious Studies (RELS102)

(Because the first year January modules in ADRS, Economics, Mathematics, Law and Psychology provide the building blocks on which all future modules are based, a student cannot register for these subjects in July) 

However, Students who wish to register for a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree in 2019 may also register for:

  • MATH001 (Mathematics Conversion). This module aims to provide students with the mathematical foundations required for entry into MATH101 and STATS102 for students who achieved at least 60% for Mathematics Literacy in the NSC.

A July registration will only be for six months; the student concerned will register with all other students for the new academic year and will pay the full fee due for the new academic year.

Students registering in July for the BA who wish, ultimately to major in a subject other than those specified above, or those who wish to change their registration to a BCom in 2019, will extend the minimum period for their degree by an additional six months (3 1/2 years to complete).


1 March 2018: Applications open

15 June 2018: Closing date for applications

29 June 2018: Notification of application outcome

9 July 2018: Registration

16 July: Commencement of academic term

Information on the BA degree

Information on the BCom degree

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