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New Subject Offerings at St Augustine

St Augustine College of South Africa has dramatically increased the subjects on offer in its BA degree and has resuscitated its MPhil in Canon Law.

In addition to the subjects it already offers in the BA (Communications / Cultural Studies, Geography, History, Literature in English, Philosophy, Political Science and Psychology), with effect from January 2017, St Augustine BA degree will also include: Economics, Law, Mathematics, Religious Studies, Sociology and Zulu.  Offered during the course of the day (on a full-time or part-time basis), the BA also includes Academic Development and Research Skills modules.  Although obviously suited to future careers in education, politics and government, media and communication, law and business, the interdisciplinary nature of the qualification – with its emphasis on developing the ability to think independently and critically – prepares graduates more generally for the ‘world of work’. (If interested, download the BA Brochure

When it was offered some years ago, the MPhil in Canon Law proved particularly popular, with both religious and lay persons.  In the light of the changes made to the Code of Canon Law by Pope Francis in 2015, St Augustine will, once again, offer Canon Law in 2017.  Those not in possession of a theological qualification will have to complete a single additional course (‘General Survey in Theology’) for non-degree purposes.

As with all of St Augustine’s postgraduate degrees, the MPhil uniquely combines contact modules with independent study.  The contact modules are scheduled four times during the year; students attend one week of intensive lectures (usually coinciding with the school holidays) and then complete further requirements independently in the following 9 or 10 weeks.  Lecturers on all St Augustine’s postgraduate courses include those in the permanent employ of St Augustine and visiting academics from some of the great universities of the world – all are experts in their respective fields.