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Public Lecture: Dr Patrick Giddy (7 March)

A Future Christianity: 
Not an interventionist God nor a franchised clerical class
(Why Christian orthodoxy has reached its sell-by date)


A future Christianity envisages fairly radical changes both in how Christian faith is expressed and the Christian community is viewed in today’s scientific, secular, and religiously-plural cultural context. These changes, however far-reaching and non-orthodox, are to be found in Jesus’ understanding of God in his own tradition – something that our secular culture has allowed us to see much more clearly.  Philosopher and theological scholar, the late Augustine Shutte, can be our guide in introducing the idea of non-orthodoxy. Whereas the two topics, the nature of the Christian God and the structures of Church ministry, are usually thought of as quite distinct, I argue that a link lies in the supernaturalist (that is, interventionist) franchising of Church leaders, blocking the growth in our religious thinking and practice. 



Event details
Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 7pm

St Augustine Auditorium
53 Ley Road, Victory Park, JHB

*** Free of charge, although a cash donation
to St Augustine would be appreciated ***




Dr Patrick Giddy is a philosopher and former Dominican friar who writes and thinks constantly about science and religion and the sources of human transcendence in a secular culture.

He studied philosophy at the University of Cape Town (BA, PhD, 1994) and Stellenbosch (MA), and theology at Blackfriars College, Oxford. He lectured in philosophy for some years at the University of Lesotho before moving to UKZN, Durban, where he is presently Senior Research Associate. He is active in the Catholic reform movement, We Are All Church.  He is the editor of the collected theological essays of the late Augustine Shutte, The Christian God, not yet published. His current favourite philosopher is Luc Ferry, former French Minister of Education.

His research interests are:

  • Religion in a scientific and secular culture 

2016    “Augustine Shutte’s Autobiographical Account of his Christian Theology”, Stellenbosch Theological Journal 2
2016    “Human Agency and Weakness of Will: a Neo-Thomist Discussion” S.A. J. of Philosophy, 35. 
2011     "Why Theology Can and Should be Taught at a Secular University" Journal of Philosophy of Education 45
2011    “Special Divine Action and How to do Philosophy of Religion” S. A. J. of Philosophy 30.

  • Ethics 

2014    “Proportionalism in Business Ethics” African Journal of Business Ethics 8
2014    “Virtues in a Post-traditional Society” Acta Academica 46
2013    “More Than Tolerance: ethics for a multicultural society”, Synthesis Philosophica 54

  • Framing philosophy in the context of a developing African country 

2013    “Can African Traditional Culture Offer Something of Value to Global Approaches in Teaching Philosophy and Religion?” Acta Academica 45
2012    “‘Philosophy for Children’ in Africa: Developing a Framework”, S. A. J. of Education 32
2012   “The Ideal of African Scholarship and its Implications for Introductory Philosophy: the example of Placide Tempels” S. A. J. of Philosophy 31