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St Augustine College's Open Day, 28 July 2018

St Augustine College will be hosting their Open Day on 28 July 2018.

Open Days give prospective students a chance to gather information about their shortlisted new academic homes. They give a taste and feel of the campus, lectures, students and overall learning environment. 


We welcome and urge those looking for a new academic home and matriculants to attend our Open Day.
We believe St Augustine College is the perfect place to continue your studies as it is a place that ticks all the following boxes:
A place that offers a full range of degrees, from Bachelors to Doctorates;
A place that has all its qualifications international recognised; 
A place that offers every learner individual attention and personalised tuition;
A place with a high pass rate;
A place whose curriculum is relevant to the context and challenges of the South African society today;
A place that has a competitive fees structure and which offers bursaries to academically deserving students. 
A place that has all its qualifications registered with SAQA and the DHET and accredited by CHE;

Don’t believe us, Come on through to our open day to find out for yourself! See you there. 

Open Day details:

St Augustine College of South Africa

53 Ley Road, Victory Park

11am – 2pm