Short Courses

Leadership and Management: An Introductory Short Course

Course Finished: 
4 modules over 2 weeks: R3 500 each or R12 000 for all four

Prof Nicholas Rowe, Prof Marilise Smurthwaite, Miss Vuyo Themba and TBA

Duration & Time: 
40 hours / Modules 1 and 2: 9 - 13 Feb 2015, Modules 3 and 4: 22 - 26 June 2015: 09h00-17h00
incl. course materials and refreshments

In four modules over two weeks, this short course will impart the latest thinking about a philosophy of leadership and management based on ethics and justice. In addition, participants will be introduced to the basic skills of running voluntary, non-profit and church organisations.

Module 1: Understanding leadership and management

  • What does it mean to be a leader? Changing views about leadership over time
  • Understanding leadership versus management (Hint: they are not the same thing)
  • The difference between leadership and ethical leadership
  • Are Christian leaders different from the above?
  • Approaches to ethical Christian leadership
  • Ethical decision making
  • Leadership within the parish, the NGO and the volunteer organisation: leading towards a more just society

Module 2: Leadership and Management in the work context

  • The Nature of Work in the 21st century
  • The Spirituality of work: what Christianity and other religions have to say about work
  • Being ethical at work: the South African ethical context, globalised work culture and the difference between law and ethics
  • Effective Management and leadership: skills, tasks and activities
  • within multi-cultural environments
    • Communication of vision, ethics, plans, progress, completion, with relevant stakeholders such as colleagues, employees, outside bodies, etc.
    • Leadership and management of staff
    • Conflict management, negotiation and peace-making (especially within multicultural environments)
    • Chairing meetings, agendas, minutes, records, legal aspects / documents; financial documents
    • Planning and assessment: consult with stakeholders, discuss, with a view to action

Module 3: Human Resources & Management Skills

  1. Getting the right people for the right work
  2. Human resources: recruitment / selection / orientation assessment / retirement / retrenchment
  3. Staff development
  4. Performance appraisal
  5. Building a sense of belonging and motivation
  6. Labour laws
  7. Office administration
  8. Clear and effective communication with staff and stakeholders
  9. Avoiding conflicts — Dealing with conflicts
  10. Writing effective proposals / reports / letters / proofreading

Module 4: Financial Management

  • Good stewardship of funds and property: oversight by leadership
  • Having the right accounting programme
  • Working within a budget: financial planning and accountability
  • Internal controls: authorisation for spending
  • Financial reporting compliance
  • Working with auditors
  • Understanding costs and working towards sustainability
  • Specifically, participants will
    • be able to distinguish between management and leadership and how both function in various organisational contexts.
    • gain insights into the spirituality of leadership as a foundational component of running a healthy organisation.
    • gain knowledge and skills to create an ethical work environment.
    • gain knowledge and skills necessary to practice good financial and human resource management in their various contexts.
    • learn practical skills for chairing meetings, setting agendas / minute-taking and setting time frames.
Module 1: Understanding Leadership and Management
Module 2: Leadership and Management in the Work Content
Module 3: Human Resources & Management Skills
Module 4: Finanacial Management

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