Short Courses

Ethical Dilemmas in Business

R 2 200.00

Prof Marilise SMURTHWAITE 

Duration & Time: 
9 - 13 April, 08h30 - 17h00
*** The price excludes course materials

This module considers specific ethical issues and dilemmas facing business in the global and South African contexts. The areas to be considered include, but are not limited to:

(1) Issues at the systemic level:
• Justice, especially distributive justice, given the current economic paradigm,
• Poverty,
• Fair trade,
• Human rights and employment rights,
• Ethical and cultural relativism,
• Environmental issues

(2) Issues at the organisational level: Ethical issues with respect to policies, structures and practices in corporations and organisations. Areas to consider include:
• Governance and governance failures, conflict of interests,
• Corporate social responsibility, corporate social investment, distributive justice, company profits and poverty relief,
• Accountability versus fraud, bribery and corruption,
• Worker empowerment: worker participation,
• Employment equity and affirmative action,
• Remuneration,
• Job creation, retrenchment, redundancy,
• Whistleblowing,
• HIV/AIDS in the workplace
• Gender issues in the workplace,
• Information technology,
• Environmental for example, pollution, unsustainable use of resources.

(3) Issues at the individual level:
• Individual ethical decision making,
• Personal moral standards versus corporate policies,
• Case studies (various issues may be presented for example, whistleblowing, gender and race issues, fraud, bribery and so on).

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