Short Courses

The Market Economy and Christian Ethics

R1 700.00

Prof Marilise Smurthwaite 

Duration & Time: 
29 June - 3 July 2020, 9h00 to 17h00

This module acquaints the students with the following: Firstly, the origins, definitions and dimensions of Business Ethics and the theoretical approaches to Business Ethics including the approach of Catholic Social Thought. Secondly, it examines the relationship between economics and ethics and between economics and Christian Ethics. In addition, considers different approaches to ordering the economy such as Classical Economic Liberalism, Marxism, the Social Market Economy and Christian Social Teaching, liberation theology’s critique of economic injustice and the “preferential option for the poor”. Thirdly, it critiques the issues of globalisation, the neoliberal globalised economy, the South African economy and current macro-economic ethical issues, both global and national. 

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