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The moral purpose of business in the new millennium

Course Finished: 
R2 000.00

Prof Marilise Smurthwaite 

Duration & Time: 
2 – 6 October 2017, 08h30 – 16h30 (unless otherwise specified)

The focus of this module is an examination of the moral purpose of business in the new millennium with a particular focus on the nature, role, and moral purpose of the corporation in both a national and global context. This includes an examination of such key concepts as the nature, purpose, moral agency, role and responsibilities of the corporation; a consideration of various theoretical approaches to the corporation; the approach of Catholic Social Thought to the corporation; the corporation and the neoliberal globalised economy, including ethical issues and responsibilities in this context and the corporation in the context of the South African economy with particular attention paid to ethical issues. The module also examines unethical business practice, especially in South Africa, and ethical principles in business such as creating and maintaining ethical corporate culture, the role of corporate ethics statements, codes of conduct and corporate governance, ethical risk assessment, reporting on ethics and the institutionalisation of ethics in South African corporations.


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