Short Courses

General Survey of Theology

R 2 200.00


Duration & Time: 
9 – 13 April 2018, 08h30 – 17h00
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The module aims to provide an overview of Catholic theology, identifying some of the key themes; its methods and sources, and some personalities who have shaped its development. The module has four components:

(1) Systematic theology:
• Theology as faith seeking understanding,
• The distinctiveness of the Catholic world view,
• Sources and resources for "doing" theology,
• Revelation,
• Justification and sanctification,
• Catholic ecclesiology with special reference to Lumen Gentium,
• Second Vatican Council.
(2) Moral theology:
• The uniqueness of Christian morality based on the fundamental law of love,
• A short history of moral theology, especially leading up to and after Vatican II,
• The sources of moral theology: Scripture, faith, reason and magisterium,
• Objective moral reality and the natural law,
• Subjective morality: the conscience and its relationship to authority.
(3) African theology:
• A short history of African theology,
• Key themes- Christology, ecclesiology, ethics,
(4) Church History:
• A brief survey of the five main periods of church history: early, medieval, reformation, modern and contemporary.

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