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The Universal Church and Particular Churches

Course Finished: 
R 1 500.00


Duration & Time: 
3 to 7 July 2017 (9h00 to 17h00)

This Canon Law module aims to detail the structure of the Universal Church and the Particular Church and their groupings (including the relationship of the diocese to the Universal Church in general and to the Bishops’ Conference in particular); diocesan structures and the removal or transfer of parish priests.

The contents include:

  • Supreme Authority of the Church: (Book II: cc 330-367);
  • Particular Churches and the authority constituted within them: (Book II: cc 358-430);
  • Groupings of Particular Churches: (Book II: cc 431-459);
  • Internal ordering of Particular Churches: (Book II: cc 460-572);

Procedure for the removal or transfer of parish priests. (Book II: cc 1740-1752).


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