A Word from Cardinal Napier, Patron of St Augustine

The mission of St Augustine Private Tertiary Institution reflects the mission of the Catholic Church in South Africa. We are immersed in human society as a leaven so that we are, in the words of Saint John Paul II, ‘an instrument for cultural progress’ as we ‘search for peace and a more just sharing in the world’s resources’.

Pope Francis takes a holistic view of Catholic Higher Education. In a recent talk to the heads of three Catholic Universities in Rome he said: ‘Research and study must be integrated with one’s personal and community life, with missionary commitment, with fraternal charity and sharing with the poor and with care for the interior life in one’s relationship with the Lord. Your institutions aren’t machines to produce theologians and philosophers; they are communities where one grows, and growth happens within a family’. St Augustine Private Tertiary Institution is such an academic family. As the only Catholic Institution of Higher Education in South Africa it is making a unique contribution to the Church and South African society, the IMBISA Region and to the continent.

Catholics would do well to support St Augustine Private Tertiary Institution and see it as a tremendous resource to help students develop their gifts so that they become leaders in society. Dioceses and Parishes should also take advantage of the programmes offered at the Private Tertiary Institution for the continuing education of permanent Deacons, Parish Leaders and members.

His Eminence Wilfrid Fox Cardinal Napier, OFM